33771 Chicago Trail  |  New Carlisle, IN  |  46552  | 574-344-3248

Driving Directions

Driving Directions from the East (South Bend Area - 20 minutes):

Using the South Bend Airport as a starting landmark, drive east on US 20 towards New Carlisle.  The speed limit reduces when you near New Carlisle.  Stay to the right as the road forks and the highway goes under the viaduct into the town of New Carlisle - do NOT go into the town, but rather stay to the right and follow the road for about 1 block.  The road automatically turns to the north and you will be on Timothy Road heading north.  Drive one mile to the first cross road, Chicago Trail, where you will see a red, flashing light (4 way stop) (Intersection of Chicago Trail and Timothy Road).  You're almost there ... turn left, heading west.  The Homestead 1835 is 3/4 miles down the road on the right side (north side) of the road at  33771 Chicago Trail. 

Driving Directions from West (Chicago / LaPorte / Michigan City / via the I-80/90 toll way or I-94  - 25 minutes from exits)

Via I-80/90 - Take EXIT 49 (  SR 39 – La Porte).  After paying the toll, exit toll plaza and turn RIGHT/NORTH on SR 39.  Drive one mile to US 20.  Turn RIGHT/EAST on US 20.  Drive EAST on US 20 towards New Carlisle (10 minutes).  Stay on US 20 when you arrive at a large intersection of US 20 and US 2.  (You will essentially turn LEFT / NORTH EAST at this large intersection.)  As you near the town, you will see a flashing light, a CVS Drugstore & a 1st Source Bank at the intersection of US 20 and County Line Road (cemetery on this corner). You will turn LEFT, heading NORTH on County Line Road.  Driving NORTH one mile, you will cross two sets of railroad tracks and arrive at the intersection of County Line Road and Chicago Trail.  Turn RIGHT / EAST.  The Homestead 1835 is a 1/4 mile down the road on the LEFT / NORTH side of the road.