Kristin & Kevin

If we had to think of one word to describe this couple, it would be lovely. And also humble...and gentle, and kind, and...oh is that more than one? Maybe we can't narrow it down to just one!

Kristin and Kevin are two of the most soft-spoken, humble, and genuine people. Together, their gentle spirits and servants hearts shine even brighter. All day long, Kevin bent down to serve Kristin in the littlest ways. He held her train countless times, fluffed her dress, and even fixed her hair for photos -- ever so gently, too. She never failed to give him a soft smile and gentle kiss in appreciation. And she never neglected the opportunity to love on him either. 

They chose a blush and navy color palette, with pops of gold on the tables. It transformed the inside of the barn into a fairytale paradise...and we didn't mind! 

Check out some of the photos by our venue photographer, Jordan Lee!