Natalie & Ed

Ed and Natalie's day was so full of JOY! It was so evident that they were loved by everyone who celebrated with them. 

Our favorite parts?

Their incredibly enthusiastic bridal party who cheered them on (literally!) all evening, the candid, playful love the pair shares, and all of the greens and boho floral was absolutely beautiful in the historic barn!

Thank you to you two for celebrating with us! 

Photos courtesy of Our In-House Photographer: Jordan Lee

Andy & Jenn

Not only did these two have boatloads of love on their big day, they also had so much LIFE in their wedding! As the bride and groom were toasted by family and friends, it was evident that all see one strong and beautiful thing the couple shares: a zest for life.

Some of our favorite things:

1. Their first dance was unlike anything we've ever seen - and it. was. AWESOME. 

2. They chose to spend as much time visiting with the family and friends who came to celebrate them.

3. The donut bar. Rather than traditional cake or desserts, the couple chose to serve Rise n' Roll donuts to their guests. As you might have guessed, it was a total hit.

Andy and Jenn, your day was so FUN! Thank you for celebrating with us! 



Erin & Jack

This day was full of love, laughter, and tears of joy. It's hard to choose just a few sentiments to highlight because there were so many! One of our favorite things about Erin & Jack's day was that Erin wore her mother's wedding gown. She lost her mom several years ago and it was such a sweet way to honor her and incorporate her on the biggest day of her life!

Erin was also such a fun bride! She laughed and danced all night long as Jack admired her with a smitten grin. She carried a bouquet of fabric flowers - it was such a unique idea! Our in-house floral and design team hand a blast with this one!

You can view some of our favorite shots here:

Sara & Travis

We loved sharing this day with Sara and Travis! The weather was perfect for a wedding, everyone laughed and danced the night away, and the couple exuded so much joy that we could hardly keep ourselves from smiling along with them! 

Aside from beautiful decor, we noticed how much the couple cared about their guests. Rather than spending too much time taking photos, they took time to say hello and hug everyone who came. They laughed and cried as they recalled memories with old friends and family and it was evident that they cared so much for each person who came to celebrate their marriage!

Take a look at their day here! Photos done by Jordan Lee.

Courtney & Tim

These two. Goodness, this day was nothing short of annointed. Tim's father is a pastor and he officiated the ceremony. What a special thing!

Courtney's father walked her down the aisle and Tim teared up as he watched his beloved make her way toward him. There was not a dry eye as they bowed their heads in prayer and promised themselves to one another for eternity. 

The theme and decorations of their day were absolutely stunning - a lovely vintage chic feel - but that's not what we noticed. We noticed the rare but beautiful focus these two had. They were focused on the other and on their marriage. And that, in our opinion, is what made this day so beautiful. You can peek into their special day here.

Photos courtesy of Our In-House Photographer: Jordan Lee

Nicole & Kyle

These two were an absolute blast. They opted not to do a first look and boy was it worth it! Kyle's face when he watched Nichole walk down the aisle was absolutely priceless. We wish we could rewind and watch that little moment over and over again.

Two faves from the day:

1. Nichole's dad surprised the couple by making a beautiful wooden sign (it was HUGE!) for them as a wedding gift. It was professionally painted with their names, wedding date, and wedding colors. Dad ever so slyly snuck it into the barn for Nichole and Kyle to see after their ceremony. Their big smiles when they saw it made the surprise the SWEETEST. 

2. The entire bridal party, including the bride and groom, wore props from the photo booth for introductions. Big glasses, funny hats, you name it, they wore it. It had all the guests laughing and made for an unforgettable memory. 

Thanks to Classic Image Photography for capturing these shots of their day!

Lindsay and James

Lindsay and James. They were so simple and sweet we couldn't help but love them! James was so tender and sweet toward her and her soft eyes gazing at him sold us. Their love is authentic, real, and true. 

Lindsay wore a stunning lace gown and carried a beautiful blush, white, and green bouquet. Their overall day was elegant, yet whimsical. They enjoyed beautiful weather with all the barn doors wide open. Golden light poured in as they danced the night away. We couldn't get enough of the joy these two brought to the farm.

Thank you to Hey Sisters! Photography for capturing these moments!

Kacey & Brian

These two had such a sweet day! Our favorite part? They arrived to their reception on a TRACTOR! Now THAT is something we haven't seen before, but we are all about it! 

Kacey and Brian's love is full of family and friendship -- we could see it in the faces of their loved ones as they danced the night away. We absolutely loved the country theme, big smiles, and unique touches this couple brought to The Homestead 1835.

Take a peek at their day here! Thank you to Photography by Jayme for these photos.

Kristin & Kevin

If we had to think of one word to describe this couple, it would be lovely. And also humble...and gentle, and kind, and...oh is that more than one? Maybe we can't narrow it down to just one!

Kristin and Kevin are two of the most soft-spoken, humble, and genuine people. Together, their gentle spirits and servants hearts shine even brighter. All day long, Kevin bent down to serve Kristin in the littlest ways. He held her train countless times, fluffed her dress, and even fixed her hair for photos -- ever so gently, too. She never failed to give him a soft smile and gentle kiss in appreciation. And she never neglected the opportunity to love on him either. 

They chose a blush and navy color palette, with pops of gold on the tables. It transformed the inside of the barn into a fairytale paradise...and we didn't mind! 

Check out some of the photos by our venue photographer, Jordan Lee!

Cortney & Jon

What a wedding this day was! Family and friends traveled from near and far to see the long-time couple (12 years of dating!) tie the knot at The Homestead!

Our favorite parts? The countless ways the couple incorporated all of their precious memories, travel adventures, and special people into their big day. The pair created simple and stunning displays of their travels, their family history, and more. They even had guests sign a GLOBE instead of traditional guestbook. Too cool! 

Due to high winds, Cortney and Jon opted for an indoor ceremony. The barn was transformed into an incredible ceremony site by our In-House Design Team and Cortney was escorted down the aisle by her father. Their vows were nothing short of spectacular, emphasizing the depth of the friendship they share, and when the two were pronounced husband and wife for the first time, they turned to the crowd with tears welling up in both of their eyes. Tears were followed by more tears as applause erupted. 

We may have gotten a little bit teary-eyed, too! 

Lindsey & David

There is so much that can be said about this wedding, this couple, and this incredibly magical day! For the sake of time, we'll keep it short and share just a few of the aspects of the day that we LOVED! 

We especially loved their love story: Lindsey and David have known each other since kindergarten. One day, Lindsey kissed David on the school bus and he went home complaining about THAT Lindsey. Many years later, she became his bride. SO CUTE!  

This wedding was full of FUN. The bride and groom were clearly so excited to be getting married, they could hardly keep from smiling the entire evening (how it should be!) The couple was intentional about interacting with each and every guest and were sure to make the day about everyone, not just about themselves -- it made for a real party for the family and friends!

Also, check out the decor this couple chose - simple country flowers, teeming with pops of vibrant color (done by our In-House Design Team). Against the rustic barn backdrop, the combination was absolutely stunning! Take a peek at the details of their day, you won't be disappointed!

Photos Courtesy of: Alyssa Mcelheny Photography